Posted: 07/13/2010 in station idents, Technology/The Future

The Augmented Reality Event 2010 – Keynote by gaming legend Will Wright from Ori Inbar on Vimeo.

Thanks for tuning in. I admit, I was only interested in Bruce Sterling’s talk from that conference because he’s always brilliant, scary, and hilarious all at once. I clicked on Wright’s because it popped up right after, but it’s mind blowing and cuts through all the haze and glitter of bleeding edge technology to identify the most natural and powerful perspective on the potential of Augmented Reality. For a superstar video game designer and tech enthusiast, he’s remarkably grounded. I hope the audience took the last few minutes to heart.

  1. me says:

    are you a fan of william gibson?

    • emmahouxbois says:

      I sure am but I’ve only read Mona Lisa Overdrive, Neuromancer, Spook Country, and The Difference Engine.

      • me says:

        the difference engine’s the only one i haven’t read actually..must get around to that..

      • emmahouxbois says:

        That’s the one he co-wrote with Bruce Sterling and is generally credited as the birth of Steampunk. It’s one that’s fun to come back around to and revisit to see the earlier forms of the authors’ favourite themes. You can even see the nascent bits of Gibson’s thoughts on the cultural exchange between the UK and Japan that took up a lot of Mona Lisa Overdrive take shape there.

  2. me says:

    mhm, must read it. i’m more a fan of cyberpunk than steampunk, despite wm gibson saying cyberpunk’s already here – i live in south africa, life’s not soooo tech here… and i’m v into the speculative fiction too.. pattern recognition etc. have you read cory doctorow btw?

    • emmahouxbois says:

      No, the name sounds familiar like I might have run across it before but nothing’s coming to mind right away. I’m prodding and poking at China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, but I’ve mostly set it aside to finally read The Female Eunuch.

  3. me says:

    don’t be put off by the fact that little brother and for the win are for young adults – they are full of win. and makers is glorious. and so are his short stories.

    • emmahouxbois says:

      Little Brother is especially intriguing because of how he was saying that Iranian dissidents risked quite a bit to translate it. There’s got to be something very significant to any work that people would smuggle into a regime like that, regardless of it’s intended demographic. Not that I haven’t read my fair share of YA and children’s lit since I could buy booze for myself anyway. Heh.

  4. ulla says:

    Ja that’s the one I bought in print – wanna inflict it on a teen 🙂 it’s a truly awesome guide for kids

  5. ulla says:

    At 40yrs old…nooooooo way ;p

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