Marking Time

Posted: 07/18/2010 in Queer

I found out yesterday via Twitter that there’s going to be a first ever Trans March as part of this year’s Pride festivities in Vancouver and I really just could not be more excited. It’s incredibly auspicious that the first Pride I’ll be attending as an out transwoman, but it’s the kind of omen that I’ve almost grown accustomed to in my adult life. At work I was talking to a friend who volunteers at an AIDS clinic about the particular challenges of the trans community or at least the most media visible side of it, and I caught myself being comfortable and somewhat erudite using words like “cis-gender” and talking about the sexual practices of the gay scene in pre-Stonewall New York City.

It’s pretty recent, being able to talk about stuff like that with any real comfort level or sense that I’m not punching above my weight and it occurred to me that in the run up to last year’s Pride I never could have. This is only my third Pride, both here in Vancouver and in total but it’s starting to seem like a good way to mark time and take personal inventory. My first two were full of experimentation and wonder, and now I finally feel like I’m coming into one completely comfortable with who I am and educated enough to feel completely at home in the community not just as an ally, but as an honest to goodness member.


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