Posted: 07/20/2010 in station idents
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Welcome to all you confused Gaia users who clicked those phony book covers hoping for something interesting. Unfortunately you’ve just stumbled onto my blog. Have a look around, you might actually find something interesting if you squint hard enough. For posterity purposes, here’s the “trilogy” and who wore them around to get you here:

The Girl With the Faerie Tattoo

Worn by feisty akashic kitten

The Boy Who Played With Spirits

Worn by Victor Bernard

The Girl Who Kicked the Spider Web

Worn by Emma Houxbois

All three are vaguely clever parodies of the covers of Stieg Larsson’s MILLENIUM trilogy, which I adore. Each one corresponds to the wearer. Cat aka Feisty, is the proud owner of the actual tattoo used in THE GIRL WITH THE FAERIE TATTOO and a rabid fan of Lisbeth Salander. Victor’s character has a background in voodoo and the occult. Mine is a reference to Spider Jerusalem of TRANSMETROPOLITAN fame.


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