DC 30 Day Meme, Day 3: Favourite Team

Posted: 07/27/2010 in Comics, Network Culture, Technology/The Future
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The title of Timothy Callahan’s book about them- Teenagers From The Future -sums up the concept of the team the most elegantly. How will the experience of being a teenager change in a thousand years? While not every run has used that premise for anything more than a backdrop for a soapy adventure, the Waid-Kitson run elevated it into a brilliant and accessible piece of speculative fiction.

Instead of a generic sci-fi world, Mark Waid brought to life a utopian society that lost all sense of physical contact, an entire society of shut ins whose lives are lived entirely through the network. The Legion strides into this world as a generation of alienated and heavily suppressed youth fighting to get out from under their parents and experience life in the flesh.

While that incarnation didn’t last long before being paved over for a nostalgia driven reboot, it was my entry point into what is essentially the first teen superhero team. Beyond just being the original, the Legion has the most colourful and diverse cast of characters of any team. From the brilliant and conflicted Brainiac 5 to Infectuous Lass there’s truly a Legionnaire for everyone.


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