DC 30 Day Meme, Day 4: Favourite Family

Posted: 07/27/2010 in Comics
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There was a brief shining moment in 2006 that seemed to herald a savvier, more contemporary approach to writing teen superheroes. Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, lead the pack and his family played a huge role in that.

That Jaime had a supportive, close knit family was pretty remarkable among teen heroes already. Most are orphans, estranged from their parents, or raised by a single parent. I’m all for diversity, but I’m also sick to fucking death of the evil and/or dead parent motif.

Beyond just being alive, Jaime’s family are awesome and made up a great deal of why his comic felt every bit as reinvigorating to the superhero genre as All Star Superman and why at the time he debuted I said ridiculous things like he was the most important new superhero to appear since Spider-Man. His parents aren’t just loving and protective of their son, they support hims a superhero in an adorable “no saving the world until you finish your homework, eat your vegetables, and clean your plate” sort of way. Any time I think about how Jaime’s title withered on the vine, I kind of wish that John Rogers would stop being so successful at TV (Leverage is his baby) so that he’d be forced to come back to comics and duke it out with DC to give him a Blue Beetle book again.


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