Posted: 07/27/2010 in Network Culture, station idents, Technology/The Future
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The Alt/1977 MP3 Player

Via Bruce Sterling’s Twitter. This is a stunningly realized design fiction. I’m really loving how everything that Sterling’s been saying about atemporality is starting to manifest in bigger and more obvious ways. Stuff from the creative, progressive side of it like this is energizing and amazing. I love that for it’s own sake. Stuff like the nature of where we’re going politically, I just have a bizarre kind of perverse pleasure in because whenever I’d go on a ramble about how Sterling’s onto this whole thing, people look at me like I take Dan Brown novels seriously. The best example on the political side is the BP disaster. Sterling was talking at Reboot about how Gothic High Tech leaders like Obama and Sarkozy were going to be great at giving us bad news. That’s pretty much exactly what that whole thing was. Anyway, check out Alt/1977.

This is and we want that MP3 player.


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