DC 30 Day Meme Day #9 First Title that Hooked You

Posted: 08/03/2010 in Comics
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Y: The Last Man

There’s probably a joke in there somewhere. I know that I’m stretching things a little to use a Vertigo title, but I came to the DC proper books through Vertigo and from what I can pull out of my hazy memory Birds of Prey was my first DC proper title and I already wrote pretty much every single last word I could ever hope to about that title. Y was also my first Vertigo title, which I picked up based on Wizard Magazine’s recommendation, embarrassingly enough. I had recently turned 18 and was coming back into comics for the first time in two years because I’d dropped them in the middle of high school in an insane bid to shed all the things about myself that marked me as an outsider. For the first couple years that I was back into comics all I had as a guide was Wizard and the advice of the staff of my LCS. The latter eventually got me onto Grant Morrison in a big way through We3, and the less said about the former, the better.

The only other monthly comic I was picking up at the time was Bendis’ Daredevil in the early Maalev days, so Y functioned as a further explosion of everything that I thought a comic book could be and do beyond just the now classic “You can say fuck in a comic book?” line. It seems hilariously quaint now considering how far Brian K. Vaughan’s career has gone and the depths that I’ve explored DC since then, but it was a smash hit from it’s debut and propelled Vertigo‘s second generation of creator owned titles into the stratosphere. If the “Vertigo is the HBO of comics” campaign ever actually meant anything, it almost certainly began with Y, which ironically reached out to conceptual heights far beyond that of premium cable television which at the time was still experiencing the very beginning of it’s own renaissance with The Sopranos and The Wire. Even now, AMC is just barely reaching the kind of balance of grounded characters in imaginative settings with it’s proposed Walking Dead series.


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