DC 30 Day Meme #12: Favourite Friendship

Posted: 08/04/2010 in Comics, Girl Stuff
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This one was another brain buster. Dick and Damian, Babs and Dinah, Harley and Ivy. One of the things that I really love about the DCU is that there seem to be a lot of great friendships among the heroes, but then I guess there’s quite a few at Marvel too. I guess I’ve just read and enjoyed more over at DC so far.

Probably what stands out for me about the friendship between Kara and Atlee is that most of it developed off the clock and out of spandex. You don’t really see Spider-Man and the Human Torch go bowling out of costume together. That’s kind of an X-Men thing to do, I guess. Anyway, while the above scan comes from Atlee’s self-titled mini series, it served as a prelude to Power Girl’s solo series launched shortly after by the same creative team (Conner/Palmiotti/Grey), which got me ridiculously excited because it seemed to promise exactly what Palmiotti had said was in store for the title; chiefly that Kara would get a robust supporting cast and civilian life. Which she did.

At times, Kara and Atlee’s friendship seemed to be the main focus of the series which was a smart move given that they have an amazing dynamic. Atlee’s naivety and bubbling enthusiasm for the most mundane things imaginable not only endeared her to readers but also allowed Kara to capture the small joys of life that she’d neglected by pouring her entire identity into her career as a superhero. Together they brought a radiant joy to the series that couldn’t help but spill off the page and drip all over you. While I still think that Dick and Damian’s relationship is probably the most rewarding bit of Morrison’s complete reinvention of the Batman line, it’s still a fairly familiar narrative shape. Kara and Atlee is just something that you rarely ever see in comics; two female superheroes bonding and sharing personal growth in a bright, happy way. I wish Amanda Conner all the best on her new Black Cat series (that was the reason she could only commit to twelve issues of Power Girl) and I intend to buy it, but until the Conner/Palmiotti/Grey dream team return to Power Girl, there will be a massive hole in my DCU reading experience.


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