DC 30 Day Meme #13 Favourite Rivalry

Posted: 08/04/2010 in Comics
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Even though I already owned the original four issues of the Amanda Conner/Geoff Johns JSA Classified arc that repositioned Power Girl for Infinite Crisis, I had to get the trade for all the tantalizing alternate covers. But lo and behold, they tacked on several classic Power Girl stories for the trade, focusing on the work of then DC Publisher Paul Levitz, who is responsible for most of her early appearances. I fell in love with all of it immediately, which plunged me into a quest to find Kara’s original adventures with the JSA on EArth 2. That turned out to be incredibly easy because they were being reprinted as part of an effort to push Geoff Johns’ resurgent JSA.

In her All Star early days, Power Girl was written as a first wave feminist with a chip on her shoulder, a not-unrealistic perspective for the times. She was literally the first female member of a classic boys club; male superheroes working out of a brownstone in NYC so she spent her days earning her equality with her fists. Most of the team were eager to accept her as Superman’s replacement, but former boxer Wildcat was not. He was almost literally the Archie Bunker of the team, and clashed with Power Girl on a regular basis. While it was grounded in reality and had a strong message behind it, their constant sniping at each other was deliciously comedic and frequently caused Wildcat to punch a hole in the TV out of frustration and rage. Another one of those stops along the way to Kara becoming the eventual chair of the JSA, a moment in time that makes her seem so much more whole and convincing than a few lines on a page.


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