DC 30 Day Meme Day #11 Favourite Romance

Posted: 08/04/2010 in Comics, Girl Stuff
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There aren’t really any canon DC romances that drive me wild, but I do have a pretty big soft spot for Bruce and Zee. It started in the arc of Paul Dini’s Detective Comics pictured above and first appealed to me because it was the exact moment where Bruce and Zatanna’s individual character arcs following Identity Crisis intersected. Zatanna looking to complete her redemption for her part in mind wiping Bruce, and Bruce finally opening up to trust the people around him.

I used to be a big fan of Selina/Bruce because it was cute watching her tease and taunt him all the time which is still a lot of fun. But Zatanna really has this beguiling honesty and sense of normalcy to her that Paul Dini and Grant Morrison seem to bring out in her best that Selina lacks. From Bruce’s perspective, Zee seems like a much healthier more reciprocal relationship which is something you so rarely see in superhero romance. I’m thinking that the only other examples to spring to mind are the short lived Ted Kord/Barbara Gordon geek love thing and the Super Marriage of Lois and Clark. What I really took away from Dini’s Detective Comics issues was that it seemed like Bruce could-, if he allowed himself to take that extra step- be happy with Zee. I could actually picture them being comfortably and happily married, which is what elevates them beyond the rest of the pack in my mind.

  1. Rick Sand says:

    Too bad Bruce has to be such a lame loner. Some people like the scary loner Batman. I always felt he was best with a supporting cast. It was a shame they got rid of Sasha Bordeaux when Greg Rucka left Detective. Zatanna is definitely the best though. The issues of ‘Tec you’re talking about were two of my favorite. Dini rules! Can’t wait to see his work on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

  2. Rick Sand says:

    Everyone’s reactions should be interesting. I can’t wait until Bruce is back period. I love Dick Grayson as much as the next guy, but Nightwing was already a fine character on his own. Zatanna is one of my fave characters. I have the little Women of DC statue and her first appearance from Hawkman #4. It was that episode of Batman the Animated Series that won me over many years ago.

    • emmahouxbois says:

      Zee was a character I liked the idea of for a long time, but never really experienced directly until Identity Crisis and Seven Soldiers of Victory. As for Dick, he’s really growing on me as Batman and I really, really want to see him continue on with Damian whatever he calls himself once Bruce returns.

  3. I absolutely agree here. Something about the times I’ve seen them interact in the last few years has just made me think, “Screw Selina, this needs to happen. Adorable AND stable?” With Bruce coming back as a new, more complete person, I’d like to see this develop some.

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