DC 30 Day Meme #15: Team-Up You’d Like To See

Posted: 08/08/2010 in Comics
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From left: Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Kate Kane, and Steph Brown

Yeah, I know but seriously. Kate hasn’t met Damian or Steph yet. I’m hoping that this happens as part of the Return of Bruce Wayne. There was some pretty badass cross-over stuff happening back when Chuck Dixon was writing half the Batbooks and now that they have the greatest character line up in history, it’s time to make it bang as hard as New Year’s. I really do not care what the threat is at all. Steph’s first big action with Dick and Damian was against Roxy Rocket, Dr. Phosphorous, and Riot yet it was still all kinds of awesome because of the hilarity that is Steph and Damian and Steph fired herself onto a goddamn rocket. I do not even know what I am going to do when Kate and Steph meet up. I will probably be a complete mess and just bawl tears of fucking joy. I think I want that encounter to be in Batgirl and written by Brian Q. Miller because those are the kind of moments that really make his work on the series shine. I kind of feel like Kate would get Steph because every female member of the Batfamily goes through her whole rebellious off-brand phase before they get officially sanctioned and Kate’s is still pretty fresh.

I can see this conversation in my head where Steph is telling Kate about how no one wants her to be Batgirl because she almost died and Kate is like “Whatever. I almost died once. Then I did the whole Buffy season one thing, only in a coal mine and no one complimented my dress.” No one can say they don’t want that. Even so, it’s like Tom Hardy said in Inception; “Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” Which is why I want all four of them in action. Probably the best I could dare to dream for would be some kind of massive endgame plan of Black Mask’s. One of my favourite comic book moments ever was when Selina kicked him off the balcony when he kidnapped his sister, but in this magical dream team up event it’s Steph who takes him down because she really needs her slate to be clean of War Games. The fact that she’s back doesn’t make up for the mess of her being given the Robin mantle only to get Jason Todd’d, but the way forward isn’t to pretend it didn’t happen. It’s like Zatanna and Identity Crisis. What Morrison and Dini did with her following that not only redeemed her for it, but made her a much stronger and more textured character than she’d ever been before. I’d imagine that Miller is probably sitting somewhere right now with his fingers tented, laughing quietly to himself because he’s got exactly something like that on a smaller scale planned. He’s really got his shit together, that one.

Another team up I’d love to see would be Black Alice, Blue Beetle, Batgirl, and Static. Put another three characters in there and you’ve got a wild Teen Titans line up. Hell, I’d like a bigger more modular Titans line up anyway. Swell the ranks to like twelve active members with deaths taken off the table. I have no idea how that title can suck as brutally hard as it does with so many largely untapped teen characters who are just all kinds of awesome.


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