DC 30 Day Meme #17 Favourite Animated Adaptation

Posted: 08/15/2010 in Comics
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BTAS was good, sure. I liked it. As a kid and even now, I never quite grasped it as much as I did the Adam West series, Harley Quinn tattoo notwithstanding. I think it was incredibly important to my childhood that I grew up with BTAS and the Adam West series simultaneously because it gave me a foundation of the Batman mythos that could accept both a lighthearted and darker perspective. I honestly don’t think that Batman should ever be divested of either of those sides, and that’s probably one of the biggest strengths of Grant Morrison’s Batman work, to incorporate and validate everything that Batman has ever been and there’s a real sense of that in Brave and the Bold. I still have trouble believing their incredible choices of what legacy characters to establish foremost. Jaime Reyes appeared in the pilot and has logged more hours with Bruce so far than anyone else. Ryan Choi is the primary Atom and Guy Gardner of all people is the Green Lantern of choice. This from a studio that is apprehensive about referring to Robin as anyone other than Dick Grayson (not that BATB is ready for Damian). There’s a realistic chance that I could actually see animated versions of Kate Kane, Renee Montoya, and Stephanie Brown.

But there’s still a very strong presence of classic material from the golden age Catwoman who speaks mostly in cat noises to the inclusion of absolute lunacy like the Batman of Zur En Arrh. The beauty of the series is that beyond being hilarious and awarding cameos to greats like Kevin Conroy, Julie Newmar, and Adam West is how contemporary the format is. The series feels more like a curation of Batman than anything else, which is one of the really defining characteristics about the digital age. It’s the grand tour de Batman.


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