Station Ident [2010-13]

Posted: 10/16/2010 in Girl Stuff, Queer


I’ve been feeling a bit beat around the last couple days, and almost went digging for something that reflected that feeling, but you know that’s just not how I roll or at least not how I try to. I’ve butted heads and apparently kicked off a ruckus for speaking up about issues I feel strongly about. I’ve always been a scrapper, but it was always easier and less painful when it was about some abstract world event or political maneuver. Now that I’m out (as far as much of the Internet and everyone but my family are concerned) and trying to become a serious activist it feels like there’s so much more on the line, it all feels a lot more tangible and personal. It’ll come, though. I was born to scrap, even if I didn’t know what for until I hit the quarter century mark.

This is and she does, just like Lisbeth, have her own tattoo equipment.


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