I should put something here, at least like a stub that wikipedia will come around and make fun of me for because it’s not a full entry. I’m a 26 year old transdyke, meaning that I’m a transwoman who loves women. Emma Houxbois, as it stands right now is essentially a pen name but will at some point be my legal name after the snipping and so on. Emma was bestowed upon me by a close friend and “Houxbois” is “Hollywood” busted into it’s component words and translated into French. Hollywood because as I was walking home from the club one night carrying my heels in my hand because they weren’t broken in yet, I passed a drunk dude going the other way.

“Git ‘r done, Hollywood,” he said to me amiably as we crossed paths. It seemed significant so I recombined it into my pen name. It’s been suggested that random drunk is my spirit animal, and from a certain perspective, I find it hard to disagree.


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